I Married A Thrill-Seeker: 
A Cautious Wife's Memoir of Her Husband's Risk-Taking and Their Long Road to Recovery

When Danielle Kaplan's husband Steve decides to take one last road trip on his BMW R1200GS Enduro, from Toronto, Ontario to near Fairbanks, Alaska, his life changes in an instant. The treacherous stretch of road between Carmacks and Watson Lake in the Yukon called the Campbell Highway was incredibly dangerous in the rain. 

Steve hit a pothole and crashed-and what follows is a true testament of luck, love, and incredible fortitude as his injuries leave him with a less than one percent survival rate. 

In this honest, open memoir Danielle Kaplan explores the toll Steve's trip took on her family, his accident and her husband's incredibly long recovery took on her family. As a former speech pathologist, Danielle becomes her husband's greatest ally-fighting by his side the entire time, through every step forward and step back, as Steve regains his health after the tragic accident. 

From the moment Steve leaves the driveway until the night of the fateful call, Danielle has mixed feelings about the trip. And from the months they spend in the hospital to her husband's eventual recovery, she reveals her truthful, mixed emotions about everything from the life saving measures used to keep him alive to the unbearable decisions she had to make about their family. This heartfelt, raw story contains the essence of the human spirit, and is filled with both determination and love.

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